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Drei Kronen 1308 is today a modern operation specializing in Licensing Concepts, consulting and operation of Brauhauses, restaurants and breweries on a worldwide basis.

Licensing & Concepts

— Our Business Concept

Winning Visions

We realize your dream. We realize your brewpub or brewery project. We service the hospitality & beer industry (brewpubs & microbreweries).

We brew excellent beer & cooperate with the Technical University of Munich, faculty for beer brewing in Weihenstephan, Bavaria.

With more than 700 years of experience in the beer & restaurant business, Drei Kronen 1308 is today one of the oldest still existing companies in the world – established in the year 1308.

Our services are client and customer oriented only. Therefore Drei Kronen offers to investors, partners, clients and our customers a wide range of services which all of them build and create a complete service package for every need and request in regards to your brewery or/and restaurant or respective project.

Your success and satisfied guests are Drei Kronen’s most important motivation. Investors are interested in earning profits and keeping the risks as low as possible, to coordinate projects fast and based on a strong foundation — Drei Kronen expertise and services offer the complete guide and background — for your success on a long term basis.

Everything we do is oriented towards these common objectives. For this reason our range of services and our team pay attention to every little detail and in particular we make sure that everything harmonizes and matches perfectly.

For every investor, landlord, hotel, brewery or restaurant owner whether it is a new project or to enhance the success of an existing operation, we shall contribute all our experience and sufficient manpower to all phases of every project, from the initial assessment of premises through to the full concept coordination and also management services after the opening.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to partner with our clients in a very proactive, highly communicative and consultative way to create viable, highly feasible business solutions that meet and even exceed the client’s expectations.

Using innovative, sustainable applications — tailored to the respective business environment/project, whether it is only a pure brewery, a traditional Bavarian/German restaurant with brewery or any other kind of restaurant, bar, Irish pub, disco or modern avant-garde locations including brewery, our approach is to reach to fulfill the customer requirement based on the current and future requirements of the client lifestyle.

There are thousands of possibilities and concepts. We create individual, unique and special guest and customer oriented concepts which keep their promise. However all concepts share one central idea — “the brewery” — brewing of excellent beer combined with outstanding service and delicious meals —  hospitality at its highest extent!

"Joining a Licensing and our concept structures is a lot cheaper, less risky and less time consuming than starting a business from scratch in an area you might be unfamiliar with."

Marketing Support & Assistance
A wide range of advertising designs, marketing information, promotional ideas and event plans support the Drei Kronen 1308 Brauhaus concept as well as all the other concepts. All will be updated on a continuous basis by our marketing and advertising specialists.

Plenty of practical tips on all kinds of questions: design of the menu card, drink list, preparing the food, costing, flyer design, table tent design, poster design, supply sources, storage, serving, everything related to brewery & selected restaurant concepts — everything you need in terms of help or useful knowledge is to be found in our manuals and supporting documentation. Plus plenty of outstanding entertainment ideas to support the direct customer beer sales!

  • Provisional concept, ideas & visions
  •  Integrated core values
  • Market viability
  • Business prospects
  • Costing vs. expenditure review
  • Valuation revenue potentials

Our Drei Kronen project & consulting management will coordinate your very own project turnkey ready from A-Z, as selected and decided and will also offer operational restaurant management to our clients to run the selected restaurant concepts & brewery professional.

Brewery Design and Selection
We cooperate with various partners of the brewing equipment industry. After all close evaluation and research we are able to offer to our clients the perfect brewery equipment and design for their respective projects.

Every brewery will be exactly tailored to fulfill the clients' need. We also combine brewery equipment of different manufacturers to achieve the very best results for our client projects.

We have various partners of the brewing equipment industry — all of excellent and good quality brewing equipment from 200 liters to 1000 liters per brew or up to 10000 liters per brew (if you intend to realize a microbrewery only), whatever the size of the location will be, whatever amount of investment sum you intend to invest.

German and Bavarian brewmasters will support the installation of the brewing equipment and will train local staff for a certain period of time to implement the Drei Kronen standards. They will supervise the brewery on a fixed time schedule or will personally brew beer at the site continuously as agreed.

Calculation example for China in local currency (RMB):

Approximately RMB 18,000.00 per sqm, including all decoration, furnishing, kitchen, brewery*, marketing etc.

We usually calculate an amount of RMB 13.000.000,00 to RMB 14,000,000.00 investment costs for an approx. 750 sqm location.

If you choose German brewery equipment, you have to add another RMB 2,000,000.00 to RMB 3,000,000.00 additional to the (above mentioned) investment costs.

Pay back period/Return of Investment based on some cities in China:
Return of Investment during 3-5 years.

Conditions of sites that are appropriate for this concept:

Minimum of 500 sqm to 1000 sqm space must be available. More space is welcome.

Turnover per year RMB 9,600,000.00 (start up phase) to RMB 16,000,000.00 (after 3-4 years) continuously increasing year by year based on approx. 250 seats.

Profit and loss calculation:

Approximately 25-30% profit of total turnover.

*Best Chinese brewing equipment manufacturer

"Licensing & Concepts"
Drei Kronen offers all our restaurant concepts, organized as Licensing & Concepts systems to our clients. Composed in all details the franchising systems will present support and advice to the clients’ turnkey project.

License Services
Drei Kronen offers licenses for beer to existing or new to build breweries, brewpubs (Brauhauses), restaurants and pubs etc., as well as advise and supervise our license partners in all brewery matters as agreed and/or requested by our clients.

Consulting Services
Drei Kronen offers consulting services in all matters (as requested by our clients) with or without use of our trademarks to existing or new to build breweries, restaurants, pubs and so forth.

Brewing Services
Drei Kronen offers to existing or new to build breweries, restaurants with breweries or brewpubs etc. brewing services on a worldwide basis with or without use of our trademarks!

Construction & Project Management
Drei Kronen coordinates the projects of our clients’ turnkey from the planning to the grand opening with or without use of our trademarks.

Operational Management
Drei Kronen operates the projects (breweries, brewpubs, restaurants etc.) of our clients if requested after construction or offers its services for already existing operations with or without use of our trademarks.

We at Drei Kronen trust that all partners should benefit from a partnership. In whatever we do, we always seek to provide “value for money” equipment & services.

  • Clearly defined service at a fair and transparent price.
  • A systematically planned concept
  • The know-how of brewhouse gastronomy (brewpubs)
  • The know-how of brewery industry
  • Significant savings in time and costs during planning and implementation of your project
  • Experienced project planning
  • Brewery equipment selection together with the investor and up to the available budget
  • Support in personnel and cost planning (including training if requested)
  • Practical operational support (sample menus, recipes, work checklists, supply sources etc)
  • Marketing support
  • Great promotion ideas
  • Advertising design support
  • Layout planning and food & beverage concepts
  • Support functions
  • Principal consultants
  • Various trademarks available
  • Trademark agreements and services
  • License & franchise agreements
  • Beer recipes
  • Brewing services
  • Consulting services
  • Operational brewery & restaurant services
  • Brewmaster services
  • Cooperation for new projects and existing projects
  • Other services as requested

More than 700 years of business experience in the hospitality & beer brewing industry.

The Drei Kronen 1308 project teams consist of:

  • Experienced business managers with long term experience in the beer industry
  • Experienced senior administrative management of 5-Star hotels and the hospitality industry.
  • Specialists in planning and concept development operations.
  • Project management specialists
  • Master brewers and technicians
  • Cooks & kitchen chefs
  • Butchers & bakers
  • Marketing & advertising specialists from Germany, Denmark and Malaysia
  • Architects and designers
  • Operational managers

All of them build the perfect team for your very own project. We love to serve you!