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Drei Kronen 1308 is the world’s oldest king appointed brewery.
We are proud to present a long row of unsurpassed beers ranging from Lager, Dark and Wheat beer brewed according to the more than 700 years old recipes, to a long range of special brews that suit every special occasion from Mai Bock to Oktoberfest.

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New bottled beers

Lager beer

Our DK 1308 Lager beer is an ever surpassingly experience. Always connecting the more than 700 years old recipe with a 21st century fresh taste. A true classic with a modern twist.

Wheat beer

Experience the taste of DK 1308 Wheat beer. Every drop of this brew sends your mind on a time travel to golden meadows on a warm summer's day in the year 1308. Its is a true time travel but the taste is ever so real. A true wheat beer.

Dark beer

Our DK 1308 Dark beer combines the best from two worlds: A recipe from 1308 and the brewing knowledge acquired until today - all brought together in the darkness of the Drei Kronen beer brewing cellar. This is the true taste of Dark Beer.