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Drei Kronen 1308 is today a modern operation specializing in Licensing and Concepts, consulting and operation of Brauhauses, restaurants and breweries on a worldwide basis.

Brauhauses, Breweries & Craft Beer Breweries

Drei Kronen 1308 is much more than just the world’s oldest privately owned brewery.

We also boast a wide range of Brauhauses. All of them build around a micro brewery — guaranteeing the highest quality brew in every single mug.

The Brauhauses give you the feeling of stepping into a true Bavarian Brauhaus. Every detail has been carefully put together. Added with a high class kitchen, serving a complete range of German and local dishes, it makes a visit as much an experience for the eye as for the palate.

DK1308 Beijing

The Drei Kronen 1308 Brauhaus Beijing has been the very first Drei Kronen Brauhaus in China. It is located at Gongti Dong Lu in Beijing opposite the East Entrance of the Workers Stadium nearby the famous Sanlitun Bar Area, the Village and the new Soho Complex.

This 3-floor Drei Kronen Brauhaus is a very impressive location with various outdoor seating areas including a spacious and extremely comfortable roof top Beer garden.

With a capacity of more then 800 seats is Drei Kronen 1308 Beijing is not only the biggest venue of all Drei Kronen 1308 Brauhaus operations in China it is also the most famous DK1308 Brauhaus in China!

Location: 1/F, Bldg 5, China View, Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing China

DK1308 Brauhaus
is a favorite meeting place

DK1308 Changchun

DK 1308 Brauhaus in Changchun is a two-story facility with a seating capacity of more than 500 people. Located at Up-Up Town in Changchun, the Brauhaus is surrounded by trees and features a relaxing green area that creates a kind of holiday atmosphere.

Since Changchun is the Motor-City in the north of China, DK 1308 Brauhaus is a favorite meeting place not only for local and international car manufacturers, but also for visitors from around the world.

Location: Drei Kronen 1308, No. 1877 Guigu Avenue, Changchun China

DK1308 Tianjin

Tianjin DK1308 Brauhaus is located by the river of Haihe. This location called Jinwan Plaza which is new landmark of Tianjin. Tianjin DK1308 is the only Brauhaus in Tianjin, which provides fine Bavarian traditional food and premium House-brewed beer.

This Brauhaus has not only Bavarian style indoor dining area, but also riverside beer garden. It is the best choice for gathering, party, banquet, meeting and annual conference. A lot of events and festivals are held in Tianjin DK1308 at certain time of year, for example, world-famous Oktoberfest, Christmas, New Year’s Day and so on. It is also the place of meeting point for many organizations and institutions, such as German Chamber of Commerce.

As a bridge between Chinese and Western culture, Tianjin DK1308 Brauhaus keeps delivering Western tradition and Bavarian culture to all customers.

Location: Jiefang Bei Lu, Heping District First Floor, Building 5, Jin Wan Plaza, Tianjin China

DK1308 Shanghai

You can look forward to exploring our new brewpub in Shanghai. We will soon tell you more about the brewpub and show some pictures as well.

DK1308 Craftbeer Brewery

The city of HuTuBi located in ChangJi Prefecture, XinJiang Province, China, is the home of the first exclusive “Drei Kronen 1308” Craft Beer Brewery (Micro Brewery) in China.

Here do we produce finest “Drei Kronen 1308 Bavarian Style Beers”, which did already win at the “Monde Selection Awards” several GOLD and SILVER medals.

The location of the brewery in XinJiang Province within green Hop fields, wide meadows, the fresh air and clear spring water, provide for our beers the very best basis for excellent brews of highest quality at a small scale, hand made, hand crafted and hand brewed by our Bavarian Brewmasters – BAVARIAN CRAFT BEER OF ROYAL ORIGIN.

Enjoy Drei Kronen 1308 — the Golden, Royal beer.